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cS/Hill - Apollo 14 Flown Bible Segment

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Item #1082302558

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The Harold Hill Collection
Apollo 14 Flown Bible Segment

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After being forgotten on Earth by the Apollo 12 crew and missing the lunar surface on Apollo 13, 300 microfilmed copies of the 1,245-page King James Bible were flown to the Moon by Edgar Mitchell on Apollo 14. The bibles were carried on behalf of the Apollo Prayer League, a group of NASA engineers, administrators and astronauts founded by Rev. John Stout with Harold Hill.

Upon their return to Earth, a number of the complete bibles were cut into 50-page segments to be distributed to the many members of the Apollo Prayer League ˙Honor Roll˙. As the League's second in command, Harold Hill was provided several of these segments to distribute. This 5˙x7˙ presentation was among those remaining in Hill's possession at the time of his passing.

Harold H. Hill was a biomedical administrator at NASA's Manned Spacecraft Center/Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas until he retired in 1982 with more than 20 years of service. During the Gemini and Apollo programs, Hill was responsible for overseeing the transfer and setup of medical supplies between NASA facilities, including the prime recovery ships used to rescue the astronauts and their spacecraft from the ocean after splashdown. In November 2002, Harold Hill passed away at age 84.

collectSPACE is honored to present for sale memorabilia and autographs collected by Harold Hill during his career on the behalf of his family.

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Item #1082302558
cS/Hill - Apollo 14 Flown Bible Segment
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Reserve has been met.
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