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Astronaut Autographs Showcase

Spend the day with Michael Collins

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Item #1076359750

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Novaspace will have a private signing with reclusive astronaut Michael Collins in mid-March at our gallery in Tucson. The winner of this auction will spend the day at the signing, helping us out, with a complimentary luncheon, photos, two free Collins autographs, (a $600 value), and just generally hob-nobbing with the astronaut. Winner must pay his or her own way to and from the event.
Proceeds will be donated to charity. This is for ONE person, no kids, spouses, or families, please

(AZ residents charged 7.6% sales tax)

Current Time: Sat Jan 31, 04:32 AM

Item #1076359750
Spend the day with Michael Collins
Current Bid:   $2255.00
No Reserve.
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Started:   Jan-20-2004 01:49:15 PM
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