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  Spend a day with a cosmonaut! The lucky winner will cherish this once in a lifetime opportunity!!


Now here is something to blow your socks off! We are auctioning off a Day at Kennedy Space Center with Cosmonaut Yuri Usachev! Yuri is best known as the commander of the second Expedition crew on the International Space Station. See his biography below.

The winner will spend Friday May 21st, 2004 with Mr. Usachev. The day includes admission to the Kennedy Space Center for the winning bidder and 1 guest, lunch during the day at KSC, and Yury will sign 2 items apiece for you. We will also take a picture of the winning bidder and have it ready to be signed at the show which he will gladly do free of charge. Of course, you are more than welcome to take as many pictures as you like. You and your guest also receive 2 general admission passes to the Air and Space show that weekend too!!!

The day will be capped off with admission to the private cocktail reception at the Space Walk of Fame Friday evening. This is only for invited guests and dignitaries and is NOT a part of the Air and Space Show. Not only will you mix and mingle with the other autograph guests from the show, but some more astronauts that live locally and other dignitaries as well. You cannot purchase a ticket for admission to this particular event, but you and your guest, as winning bidders, will be there.

*** Note: This is subject to Yury being able to secure a VISA and flight. We do not anticipate any problems’, however, if we must cancel the ˙Day with a Cosmonaut˙ due to the aforemention issues, or any matter out of our control, the final auction price will be refunded to the winner. We cannot be responsible for refunding travel costs for the bidder and winning bidder must come to KSC on their own. Please contact myself or Steve Zarelli direct with any questions or concerns BEFORE you bid – please! Our email addresses are on the website.


Upon graduation from the Aviation Institute, Yury went to work for Energia, participating in groups working with EVA training, future construction in space, public relations, and ergonomics. In 1989, he was appointed to the position of cosmonaut candidate at the Cosmonaut Training Center. From 1989 to 1992, he underwent a course of general space training.

He was a member of the back-up crew for the Mir-13, 14 and 19 missions. From January 8, 1994 to July 9, 1994, he served as Board Engineer on Mir 18. From February 21 to September 2, 1996, he again served as Board Engineer on Mir-23. One month later, he and Yuri Onufrienko were joined by NASA's Shannon Lucid.

He next flew on STS-101, the third Shuttle mission devoted to International Space Station (ISS) construction.

More recently, he was the Commander of the Expedition-2 crew which launched on March 8, 2001 aboard STS-102 Discovery and successfully docked with the International Space Station on March 9, 2001. The Expedition-2 crew lived and worked aboard ISS for the next 163 days. They returned to Earth with the crew of STS-105 on August 22, 2001, on the Shuttle flight delivering the third Expedition crew. Altogether, Usachev has logged over 670 days in space and has participated in 6 EVAs!!

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Item #1081893530
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